2018 UNTA Bilateral Research Introduction Establis


Mahasarakham University, MSU
Dean, Faculty of Technology - Dr. Anuchita Moongngarm
Thai Nguyen University of Agriculture and Forestry, TUAF
Director, Office of Research and International Affairs - Nguyen Huu Tho, PhD





2018 UNTA Bilateral Research


Established in 2012, the University Network for Tropical Agriculture (UNTA) currently includes 26 universities among its members. In order to encourage exchange between UNTA universities and promote the potential for joint cooperative research and education projects, National Pingtung University of Science and Technology (NPUST) is extending a warm invitation to UNTA member university teachers who are instructor level or higher to come to NPUST to take part in short term visits/research. The NPUST professors will then apply for project funds according to the details that have been worked out, providing funds and subsidizing the UNTA member teachers’ short term trips to NPUST including bench fees, student employment costs and student health and labor insurance.

Invited Researchers

1. Universiti Putra Malaysia –  Dr. Samsuri A. Wahid

2. Universiti Putra Malaysia – Dr. Arina Shairah Abdul Sukor

3. Universiti Putra Malaysia – Dr. Daljit Singh Karam Singh

4. Universiti Putra Malaysia – Dr. Susilawati Kasim

5. Thai Nguyen University of Agriculture and Forestry – Dr. Nguyen Tien Dung

6. Kasetsart University –  Mr. Puchong Kijamnajsuk

7. Kasetsart University – Dr. Chuenjit Chancharoonpong

8. Maejo University – Dr. Veeranan Chaimanee

9. Maejo University – Mr. Arnupap Wanakarnpol

10. Maejo University – Mr. Karn Tippayakraisri

11. Maejo University – Miss. Daracha

12. Maejo University – Miss. Jutaporn Chanathaworn

13. Maejo University – Dr. Duddoa Khonyoung

14. Maejo University – Dr. Piyapit Khonkaen

15. Mahasarakham University – Dr. Adisak Pattiya

16. Bogor Agricultural University – Dr. Satriyas Ilyas

17. Gadjah Mada University – Mr. Siska Andrina Kusumastuti, S. Farm

18. Gadjah Mada University – Mr. Rizki Awaluddin, S. Farm