Mingdao University, MDU

MingDao, a university Featuring Human Accomplishment

Green Fields: Nature All Around

No brick walls to limit your horizon! No fences to narrow down any possibilities! All buildings on the campus are surrounded by a diversity of trees and plants such as poplars, royal poincianas, orchid trees, ceibas, golden shower trees, gardenias, day lilies, deciduous pine trees and weeping willows.

Natural Wetlands and Lake Viewbridge

A quarter of the campus is preserved as natural wetlands. A lovely lake offers an excellent opportunity for both members of the university community and visitors to get closer to nature and enjoy the magnificent scenery.

Campus Sites Named after Famous Scholars: A Tribute to Cultural Heritage

Campus sites are all named after famous Chinese scholars, which represent a tribute to their distinguished contributions to culture and education.

Green Campus:Technology for the Environment

Solar energy rules! MingDao is proud to present its solar energy generating system, which makes MingDao self-sufficient in electrical supply. Now and in the years to come, wind power, water power, and hydrogen energy will play important roles at MingDao in building an environmentally friendly campus!

Tour de MingDao: Ride with the Wind

All cyclists and cycling enthusiasts are welcome to participate in the Tour de MingDao! As an open invitational to everyone coming to MingDao, the Tour de MingDao and the gymnasium present themselves as excellent activities centers. Cycling, jogging, roller-skating, and skateboarding are good for fun and for your health!

MingDao Architecture: At One with Nature

Mixing architecture with natural scenes, the MingDao buildings are pleasantly tranquil. Campus architecture is designed to ensure a delightful view of the unique skyline from all perspectives.  

Other Events

ID Event Name Duration Start Date
event-03 UNTA 2013 IPB, Indonesia 1 Days 2013-09-03
event-01 UNTA 2012 NPUST,Taiwan 3 Days 2012-12-12