UNTA Bilateral Research

UNTA Bilateral Research

Survey on Willingness for UNTA Member University Teachers to Take Part in Short-Term Visits to NPUST

In order to promote exchange between member universities and facilitate cooperative research and education projects (with possible grants available from the Taiwan Ministry of Science and Technology or NPUST), NPUST is encouraging its faculty members to invite teachers who are “instructor level” or higher from UNTA member universities to come to NPUST for short-term visits/research. The short-term research period will be planned for a total of 3 months, from late June to early September, this year.

UNTA Faculty members who are willing to conduct short-term research (at least 3 weeks) please refer to attachment 2(Application Form), attachment 3(listing of matching professor of NPUST)  for more details.

**Application Period: From now on to June 25th, 2018.

If you have any questions please contact UNTA Secretariat Office via email at unta_secretariat@mail.npust.edu.tw.

Thank you!

Attachment 1 : UNTA Official Statement

Attachment 2 : Application Form

Attachment 3 : Listing of Matching Professor of NPUST