2018 UNTA Campus Characteristics Film Contest

Theme of the contest: Campus Characteristics of UNTA Universities



The aim of increasing exchange opportunities between students and officials from all member universities, the UNTA Secretariat will be hosting a film contest to highlight “UNTA Campus Characteristics”.


The “UNTA Campus Characteristics Film Contest” will be run in the form of film presentation. Panel judges will vinclude five experts and scholars who will judge the films based on their content in terms of presentation, speech, deportment, and ability showcase the “campus characteristics” of the home university.


1. Groups must be formed by undergraduate and/or graduate students currently studying at a UNTA member university 2. Groups must include four (4) students and one (1) instructor, all of whom should be from the same university. 3. The registration deadlines may be subjected to early termination or extension

Evaluation criteria

1. 40% - Presentation skills and expressions (delivery, fluency, visual presentation, etc.)
2. 40% - Content of presentation (relevance, creativity, structure, etc.)
3. 20% - Performance (coordination of members, body language, costume, deportment etc.)

Evaluation criteria

1. Prize for best film - USD$120 or an equivalent prize and a certificate of award; invitation to take part in Summer School Program at NPUST with free flight tickets, accommodation and registration free.
2. Prize for outstanding work - USD$100 or an equivalent prize and a certificate of award.
3. Prize for superior work - each student will receive USD$80 or an equivalent prize and a certificate of award.

contact information

Mr. Angus Wong
E-mail : kokann@mail.npust.tw
Tel: (+886) 8-7703202 ext 6219
Fax: (+886) 8-774-0208
Address: Secretariat of UNTA in Office of International Affairs (OIA)
National Pingtung University of Science and Technology 1. Shuefu Road, Neipu, Pingtung 912, Taiwan (R.O.C)

Notice :

For more information, please refer to the attachments to the film contest as below.

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