Dr. Liang Chou Hsia

Professor, Department of Animal Science, NPUST.

Dr. Liang Chou Hsia is a researcher, builds a new research institute, Friendly Agriculture Research Institute in 2013 and also he has been an emeritus professor of National Pingtung University of Science and Technology, Taiwan since 2013. He received PhD degree from Edinburgh University, UK in 1981. He has served more than 45 years and widely recognized for his dedicated on researches, teaching and international collaboration in the field of animal production and sciences. His scientific contribution on sustainable animal production has been applied and practiced to the field both domestically and internationally. He still puts a lot of efforts on research, environment, nutrition, behavior, extension and interaction among them, consequence on housing, welfare, and small farmer development.

Course's Detail

The purpose of the paper is to provide one kind of sustainable agriculture to improve farmers’ livelihoods through modern technology. Sustainable crop-small animal integrated farming system does not only try to build up a sustainable farming system, which can reduce the waste to a minimum, but also can help farmers have more income due to this integrated farming system. The following aspects will be included in the review: knowledge on plant production, animal waste to provide plants as a fertilizer, plant production for feeds and energy, small or medium animal farm system can produce organic farm products. Through the sustainable farming system, farmers can decrease production costs, and also provide environmental benefits and healthy food for human consumption.