Universiti Putra Malaysia, UPM

UPM, a leading research university in Malaysia is located in Serdang, next to Malaysia’s administrative capital city; Putrajaya.  As a world renowned centre of learning and research, UPM has attracted students and staff from all around the world making it a well- respected global entity.

Other Events

ID Event Name Duration Start Date
2018 UNTA Bilateral Research 9 Weeks 2018-08-01
event-07 UNTA 2017- UQ, Australia 1 Days 2017-11-23
event-06 UNTA 2016 – TNU & TUAF, Vietnam 2 Days 2016-12-01
event-05 UNTA 2015 UPM, Malaysia 3 Days 2015-12-13
event-03 UNTA 2013 IPB, Indonesia 1 Days 2013-09-03
event-01 UNTA 2012 NPUST,Taiwan 3 Days 2012-12-12