Hue University of Agriculture and Forestry, HUAF

Head, International Cooperation - Dr. Pham Huu Ty

Hue University College of Agriculture and Forestry, formerly known as the University of Agriculture No.II, belonged to the Ministry of Agriculture, was founded in August 14th, 1967, in Ha Bac Province (now Bac Giang province ). In accordance with the Decision No. 124 / CP of the Government Council based on the needs of the State training of Agriculture which offerred a university degree.At the beginning, the university contained faculties including the faculy of Cultivation, and the faculty of Animal Science and Medicine Veterinary. After the university had operated stably, in 1969 it established the general faculty (including general education and social and political education) and in 1971, the university added the faculty of Agricultural economics in order to meet the requirements of rural development. After the liberation of the South and reunification in our country, derived from the given goals from the establishing day is the “agricultural universities for Central Highlands”, the Government issued the Decision 213 / CP August 5, 1983, which transferred the University of Agriculture in Ha Bac 2 in Hue City and merged with the Hue College of Agriculture and Forestry and Hue University of Agriculture No.II. In April 4, 1994, the Government issued Decree No. 30/1994 / ND – CP on the establishment of Hue University based on the merger of universities in Hue and Hue College of Arts. Hue University of Agriculture  No.II was renamed into Hue University of Agriculture and Forestry, would eventually become a member of Hue University. Until to July 2016, the University includes 8 specialized faculties, 10 fuctional departments, 5 centers and 1 Institute of Development Studies. Furthermore,  HUAF had a total of 424 staffs. Its faculty members are 291 people, including 2 professors, 29 associate professors, 52 PhD and Doctor of Science (excluding assosiate professors and Doctor is both the staff andmanagement position – leaders at the Hue University). In addition, 176 Masters (excluding students will receive degrees in the second half of 2016) and 32 Bachelors (including post -graduate students will receive degrees).  Currently, 71 staffs are being trained in foreign countries in which 40 graduate students and 31 master’s students. At present, the university is in charge of training in specializations such as 22 for undergraduate, 4 for college, 10 for master and 5 for doctor. Hue University College of Agriculture and Forestry has the mission to train human resources in high quality of science and technology. In addition, it specializes in scientific research and the technology to transfer and meet the needs of agriculture and rural development for the central, highland regions, and for the whole country in accordance with regional and global integration.