National Pingtung University of Science and Technology, NPUST

Brief History

The predecessor of National Pingtung University of Science and Technology (NPUST) was founded under the name of Kaohsiung District Pingtung Extension School of Agriculture in Japanese Taisho Year 10 (1924) during the period of Japanese colonial rule in Taiwan . In Japanese Showa Year 3 (1928), the school was expanded and renamed as Kaohsiung DistrictPingtungAgriculturalSchool. After the Restoration of Taiwan, the school was reformed as Taiwan Provincial Institute of Agriculture in 1954, and then renamed again as National Pingtung Institute of Agriculture in 1964. During that time, it, along with Taiwan University, Taiwan Provincial Normal College (predecessor of Taiwan Normal University), Taiwan Provincial Chung Hsing University (predecessor of National Chung Hsing University), and Taiwan Provincial College of Engineering School (predecessor of National Cheng Kung University), were honorifically rated Taiwan’s top 5 institutes of higher learning. The Institute educated innumerable scholars for the crews of the widely recognized Taiwan Agricultural Teams and for domestic companies. The achievements not only stabilized the normalization of diplomatic relationships between Taiwan and other countries, but also established a solid foundation for the rapid advancement of Taiwan’s economy. The institute was upgraded to National Pingtung Polytechnic Institute in 1991. At that time National Pingtung Polytechnic Institute and National Taiwan Institute of Technology were the only two institutions of higher education within our nation’s technical and vocational education system. In 1997, the institute along with National Taiwan Institute of Technology and National Yunlin Institute of Technology took the lead in being reformed as universities of science and technology. At each stage of the development of Taiwan’s technical and vocational education system, NPUST always occupied the top position. NPUST, located on a hillside in northeastern Neipu Township in Pingtung, occupies 285 hectares adjacent to Da-Wu Mountain and Dong-Gang Creek with the largest and most beautiful campus in the nation. The arrangement and construction of each campus building was based upon the topography of the campus landscape. NPUST has enjoyed the reputation of being a “National Park University.” The campus is impressively gorgeous like a natural park possessing countryside characteristics with extensive fields of view, picturesque scenery, and peaceful atmosphere. The university provides our students a unique living and learning environment which promotes learning professional technology, the development of their personalities, and the strengthening of their physical and mental health. It is also an ideal place for the faculty to teach and conduct research.
  • 1924 Kaohsiung State Pingtung Extension School of Agriculture
  • 1928 Kaohsiung State Pingtung Agricultural School
  • 1945 Taiwan Provincial Pingtung Vocational School of Agriculture
  • 1954 Taiwan Provincial Institute of Agriculture
  • 1959 Taiwan Provincial Pingtung Senior Vocational High School of Agriculture
  • 1964 Taiwan Provincial Pingtung Institute of Agriculture
  • 1981 National Pingtung Institute of Agriculture
  • 1991 National Pingtung Polytechnic Institute
  • 1997 National Pingtung University of Science and Technology
  • 2024 A Centennial University

Other Events

ID Event Name Duration Start Date
UNTA 2019 – NPUST, Taiwan 3 Days 2019-11-21
event-07 UNTA 2017- UQ, Australia 1 Days 2017-11-23
event-06 UNTA 2016 – TNU & TUAF, Vietnam 2 Days 2016-12-01
event-05 UNTA 2015 UPM, Malaysia 3 Days 2015-12-13
event-03 UNTA 2013 IPB, Indonesia 1 Days 2013-09-03
event-02 ISAT 2013 NPUST, Taiwan 14 Weeks 2013-05-31
event-01 UNTA 2012 NPUST,Taiwan 3 Days 2012-12-12